​​​Archdiocese of North America

Antiochian Orthodox Christian 

Priest: Fr. Gabriel Tannous

4870 Griffin Rd, Davie, FL 33314


Phone: 954-584-4030

​Cell: 832-349-5669


          Matins                    9:00 AM

          Divine Liturgy       10:00 AM


          Daily Vespers

           Potluck to follow           6:30 PM


          Paraklesis               6:00 PM


          Great Vespers         6:00 PM

          Followed by Confessions

 Weekly Services

Saturday, October 22nd
Work Day                             10:00am

Tuesday, October 24th

50th Anniversary Meeting   7:00pm    
Wednesday, October 26th
Vespers & Bible Study         6:30pm

Friday, October 28th

Paraklesis                             6:00pm

Saturday, October 29th

Great Vespers                       6:00pm

Sunday, October 30th

​Matins                                   9:00am

Divine Liturgy                     10:00am

Saturday, October 29th
Work Day                             10:00am


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